Dave Peterson
Drums – Bass – Vocals

dave1My drumming can be described as solid, steady, nothing flashy, just serving the songs. I like to make everyone else in the band sound  good. These characteristics combined with a top-notch professional attitude have allowed me to gig steady for over 25 years. Mastering the art of dynamics, sensitivity, and meter. Whether the gig calls for Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, or Country, I can adapt to most musical situations.

I was born in Elkton, Maryland and was playing drums by age 12. Over the years I've studied with some great teachers, but much of my experience and skill comes from the best education you can find –  simply getting out there and doing it! I spent the past 27 years doing gigs and session work up and down the east coast before moving to Phoenix, Arizona around ten years ago.

I've played over 6,000 gigs, and have racked up over 40,000 hours behind the drums. Have played nearly every style including; Rock, Funk,
Country, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Rockabilly, and Cajun. I've even performed in a few big bands and some stage production musicals.

I've also shared stages with a few top artists: Poco, Steppenwolf, Dakota, Foghat, Lone Justice, Alex Chilton, Albert Collins, The Hooters, Tommy Conwell, Marshall Crenshaw, The Outfield, Robert Hazard, The A’s, The Guess Who, and others.

Before joining Debbie and Double Eagle Band, I was the drummer/vocalist for the Phoenix-based band; The Dina Preston Band. Considered  by many as; "The Most Patriotic Band in America" the group performs for the USO helping lift the morale of our troops in remote and sometimes unstable locations throughout the world. We also did public affairs tours for the U.S. Embassy, plus corporate events, festivals, and private parties throughout Arizona and other parts of the U.S. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you at one of DDE Band's upcoming gigs!