We work with the greatest bunch of people! Here’s what some Activity Directors had to say about our band (references available on request):


“Bag & Boob Babes, a non-profit Women’s Breast Cancer Group, recently had our 6th Annual October Fundraiser. For the last 3 years we have been honored to have Debbie and Double Eagle Band entertain us for the evening. The variety of music that the band plays and sings reaches all ages. We highly recommend this band. We already have them booked for our Fundraiser in 2018.”
Marilyn Reed,
Bag & Boob Babes


“I would like to commend Debbie and the Double Eagle Band for a fun filled night at our Casual Aires Dinner Dance in Leisure World.  They kept our group dancing all evening to a variety of music from Western to Rock and Roll. Debbie is a gracious lady, dependable and always easy to work with to find a solution to any problem.

Thanks for a great evening Debbie and for the many times you have brought fun-filled evenings to Leisure World in the past.”

Rebecca & John E.  –  Casual Aires Chair Person(s)


“We absolutely love Debbie and Double Eagle Band and have had them play at our last two Fund Raisers. Our guests enjoy a variety of country music and rock and roll.  The group is so full of energy and mingle so well with their audience. Debbie is a delight and sings so beautiful. We would recommend them and have for any event you are hosting. We love the energy that they present during their performances.”
Marilyn Reed
Bag & Boob Babes Corp.
A Breast Cancer Awareness Group


“We are going to want you back—-Not once next season—We are asking between 2-4 Times!”


“We are so excited that you will be playing for us next season & again for our New Years Eve Dance in 2018.  We enjoy your variety of music that you play & you play requests that we make.  It looks like you are having fun while performing, & that helps everyone else have fun.  Thank you, Debbie and the Double Eagle Band!”


And we have the BEST fans! Just read their comments! THANK YOU!!

donna_deb** “The band rocked! Deb and the boys played great danceable rock music all night.” — Wild Bill Spotts

** “We had such a good time last night. We loved your song choices very nice to dance to”

** “Great music!  High energy fun!!” — Carole S.

** “Thanks so much for hosting the great CD party last Sunday. My wife and I truly enjoyed the celebration, the food, music, and are enjoying listening to the CDs”. –Keep up the good work– Rick and Jackie.

** “Reading everyone’s comments all I can say is ditto!!! Can’t wait to dance again to your band it’s so much fun when you’re playing.. Bob and I practiced our Tornado line dance too down at the center today.. You’re the only band that plays “Tornado” and you guys do such a wonderful job playing “Pontoon”… Can’t wait until the CD party and then next time out here in Mountainbrook!! It was a blast Friday night!”

** “Carole and I have been listening to your new CD non-stop in our cars. Every song is incredible and even better than the original. We especially love the southwest flavor you give to each song with added horns. More people need to hear this CD. I’m inviting KNIX and KMLE to your CD Release party on the 26th. Hope they come for the most high energy, fun CW dance party of the season ! When you played the song, Tornado, I was pleasantly surprised dancers remembered the line dance Carole and I taught to it months ago.”

** “Deb: Your band did great covers to Tornado and Pontoon. Sounded just like Little Big Town. I love how you mix classic country with new country such as Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. Friday night at T-point was outstanding due to incredible music and great dancing. Luv the horns!”

** “What a wonderful evening you and your band created for all the dancers and attendees. The band was so high energy and the trumpets added a nicecanada_iceland southwest touch to some of the songs. Also, loved your matching outfits! Everyone seemed to be having such a great time, and laughter and smiles were seen everywhere. Thanks for relearning the “Tornado” – it sounded so great! Many folks were able to learn the Tornado line dance and many did it again on the floor when the band played it. You and your band have such a nice sound (your singing, especially) and dancing to your band is a real pleasure.”

** “It was a perfect night of fun-filled dancing and music Debbie. Great success on your CD and let us know when that comes out and where you are playing next…Hugs and love.”

** “Wow, what a band you have the best I ever heard you play!! Really it was so great!!!! Wish you we’re playing next week !!!”

deb and who** “25 of us from Sun Life danced to the GREAT sound of Debbie & Double Eagle tonight at Tower Point. The band was awesome and the energy was high. A great time was had by all. It was a full house.”

** “Best band that has ever performed here at our RV Park!”

** “You sure put together an awesome band!”

** “You told me you guys were great—–but I had no idea just how great!”

** “WOW! You all are more awesome than we had hoped for!”

** “We had never heard you before —- now we will be where this band is performing!”

** “We are here in this area for 2 months and we plan on coming to every gig you are performing for those two months! We picked up a schedule and will watch for any updates on your web site!”

** “My husband and I absolutely love them! They not only play country but 50’s and 60’s music plus a lot more! You are missing out on a fabulous bandsandy_allen if you don’t make a point to see them perform and dance to their music! Can’t wait to to see them again!!!”

** “We had such fun dancing to your music. Our favorite dance was the last one at the Canyon Vista. You played all our favorite country.”

We hope to see all our friends and followers soon. Please click on our Schedule page to see where we are performing next.

Come on out and ENJOY the fun!